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The Battle of Sidi Ghalem through the Testimony of Moudjahid Kada Ben Saha

Research Division: Socio-Anthropology of History and Memory


Internal seminar

The Battle of Sidi Ghalem through the Testimony of Moudjahid Kada Ben Saha

Research project: Places of memory of the national movement and the liberation revolution in Oran departemnt between 1919-1962

Monday July 17, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. at CRASC  - Oran



    We cannot talk about places of memory without questioning all the symbols associated with them, and we especially mention the geographical location, the actors, and the events that remained entrenched in all their declared and unannounced details for many. In conjunction with the sixtieth anniversary of independence and the discussions and research it left behind on national memory, it was necessary to get to know our local memory for its social, cultural and even psychological dimensions. The battle of Sidi Ghalem, which took place in the Oran region in the south, between July 18 and 20, 1956, is among the most important battles that constituted a place of memory preserved by the popular memory in Oran.

    The presence of the battle of Sidi Ghulam in the popular memory, and its non-fading, prompted the research team to communicate with one of the actors and participants in this battle, who is the Mujahideen in Leaders Square, to present his testimony about the battle, and to open a discussion with him, accompanied by a group of permanent researchers about what remains of the memory Battles of the National Liberation War in Oran.


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