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The center

CRASC is a national research institution created in 1992 by decree N°92-215 modified and completed on May 23rd. 1992. Registered in the national research system, it passed from the Statute of Research and Development (SRD) (1992) to that of Public Scientific and Technological Institution (PSTI in 2002 revised in 2008).

Missions and activities

01Develop basic and applied research in Social and Cultural Anthropology, in conjunction with the national development needs

02Perform all researches relevant to the advancement of human and social sciences in Algeria and contribute to the enhancement of their results.

03Provide training, development and qualification to researchers and research support staff.

04Organize and promote meetings between researchers in order to favor and master scientific information.

05Publish a quality scientific review in order to disseminate research results and maintain a regular communication among researchers.

Today, the Center has four research units: the Research Unit of Culture, Communication, Languages, Literature and Arts -UCCLLA - and the Research Unit on Translation and Terminology - URTT – based in Oran, the Research Unit on name systems in Algeria -RASYD- based in Algiers and the Research Unit on Emerging Territories and Societies -ETS- based in Constantine.

CRASC Organization Chart

The CRASC authorities who are the Management, the Scientific Committee and the Admin Committee, have led all together institutional assembly process of a national research center making from a practice, that of the assessment, a management tool for both, research activity through the production of knowledge as that of human resources. Transparency, procedure and fairness for quality results have been the key elements achieved over the period.

C.R.A.S.C. B.P. 1955 El-M'Naouer Technopôle de l'USTO, Bir El Djir, 31000, Oran Algérie
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