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Round table : Editorial issues in Algeria: reality and perspectives

Round table

Editorial issues in Algeria: reality and perspectives 

Publishing in Algeria has undergone profound changes since the country's accession to independence in 1962. Being at the crossroads of cultural policies and ideological imperatives, it has suffered at every moment of its evolution political and cyclical. The change experienced by publishing in Algeria has thus followed a long political path, made of alliances of circumstances or of necessity.
Editorial issues in Algeria pose the problem of books and reading at the heart of the debate. Indeed, the underlying issue of the publishing crisis is the lack of a public reading policy on the one hand and the general lack of interest in books on the other. The current situation of Algerian publishing prompts us to wonder about the general organization of the literary field. Bringing together the different publishing players, namely: authors, publishers, booksellers and readers, will allow us to have an overview of the real functioning of this sector with all that implies such as social, cultural and economic
It is also interesting to study public book policies in Algeria to check whether they are in line with the reality on the ground, as well as the steps taken by the book department of the ministry of culture and the few initiatives of the ministry in charge of women's and family affairs and the ministry of national education.


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