Studies and Expertises


In view of its missions, its experience capital and its scientific potential, the CRASC ensures the running of the studies and expertise for which it is entrusted with.


  • UNICEF: Analysing the Situation of Education in the Daira of Charouine
  • CRDI (International Development Research Centre): Environmental Risk and Health Impact
  • UNFPA: Analysing the Situation of Woman in the Region of Charouine


  • Ministry of Family: National Survey: Woman and Socioeconomic Integration/ 2015
  • The Delegate Ministry for the Family and the Status of Women/ UNIFEM: National Survey: Prevalence of Violence Against Women in Algeria/ 2005
  • OIKODROM: Hammam, Aspects and Multidisciplinary Methods of Analysis for the Mediterranean Region/ 2005
  • MESRS / UNAIDS: Study of the Potential Link between the Problematic Use of Drug and HIV/AIDS in Algeria/ 2004
  • ISESCO / UNESCO: The Experience of Women Entrepreneurs in Algeria: The Case of Oran/ 2004
  • MEN / UNICEF: National Strategy for Pre-school Education/ 2004
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports: Managing Projects Cycles Ministry of Youth/ 2004
  • MEN/ UNICEF: National Survey on Pre-schooling in Algeria/ 2003
  • European Commission: Programme Management Unit- (PMU/ NGOs): Support Programme for  Algerian Development Associations /  Project N°DZA/ B74100/ IB/ 1999/ 0172,  European Commission / CRASC Algeria/ 2001
  • UNDP: Pilot Study on a Research Protocol Related to the  Problematic Link  between Drug and  HIV/AIDS in Algeria, with  the Co-Publication of this Study CRASC/ MESRS/ UNAIDS/ 2005
  • Delegate Ministry for the Family: Conducting a National Survey on “Women and Socioeconomic Integration” in 16 Wilayas (5000 households)/ 2005
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – National Commission of Good Governance: Opinion Survey on Socioeconomic Development/ 2005-2009 
  • Delegate Ministry for the Family: Conducting  a Study on “Violence Against Women in Algeria”/ 2006 
  • Ministry Of Health, Population And Hospital Reform/ 2008:

          Elaboration and Validation of Standardised Protocols for Behavioral Surveys on HIV/AIDS

          Conducting an Anthropological Study on the Contemporary Issues of HIV/AIDS

  • Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research: Study on “Ethics and University Deontology”/ 2008
  • National Office for the Fight Against Substance Addiction: “Evaluation of the Achievements of the National Master Plan for the Fight Against Drug and Substance Addiction During the Five Year Period 2003-2008”
  • UNICEF: Study on the Conceptions, Attitudes and Values of the Participation Right of Adolescents/ 2008
  • International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (UN-INSTRAW) and  the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR):  Strengthening  Women’s Capacities in Leadership, Participation in Politics and Decision-making in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia/ 2008
  • UNDP: Socioeconomic Impact of Antipersonnel Mines in Algeria/ 2009
  • Ministry of Post and Information and Communication Technologies: Users’ Representations and Practices for the Services Offered by Algérie Poste and Algérie Télécom/ 2009
  • Delegate Ministry for the Family/ Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC): Elaboration of the Family National Strategy/ 2009


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