PNR 31: Population and Society





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The conflicts: configurations analysts of family ties.

Algeria between history and memory: men, events and sites: critical dictionary of past and its representations.

From orality to scripturality establishment of dictionaries, lexica and oral literature corpus.

Minors under judicial custody: legal social judicial protection: current states: current states.

The Oranian littoral: impacts of infrastructures development and leisure activities about peni-urban environment and users’ behavior.

Green spaces and new urbanization. Case of the Oranian periphery.

Rehabilitation of Saoura’s castles: architectural realization, actor’s strategies and local development fallout.

La mobilité sociale en Algérie

Algeria among the foreign documentary sources.

Anthroponymy and civil status: nomination and writing (s) of patronymic in Algeria.

Communal archives and the fabrication process of El-kheroub city.

sMemory places and patrimonial practices. Case of the “Aures”.

Language and discourses: cultural and artistic expressions in Algeria.

Algerian names: attribution mode and socialization.

Cultural scopes and globalization in Algeria.

Expatriate Algerian expression and its intercultural dimension

Urban management difficulties: between territories and inter-communality; agglomeration case of Tlemcen.

Anthropo-genetic characterization of Algerian west population.

Agro-pastoral planning and durable communitarian development of humid zone of Ain-skhouna (Wilaya of Saida).

Rehabilitation and valorization of built patrimony: an experience capitalization.

Youths towards family and institutions of the state: strategies and representations.

Difficulties and impacts of conciliation between work and family spheres by the Staff of feminine health.

To reconstruct and to produce social scopes in the civil Algerian society of the 21st century: citizen engagement and mobilization modes in the organizations of the civil society.

Toponymy and normalization of places names: official usages and orthographies in Algeria.

Artistic links and new approaches (1954-1962).

Youths and social integration: comparison case study between youth of Oran city and Ghardaia city.


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