Spring University 2008 and 2010 of the Doctoral School in Anthropology

University of spring in the city of Ghardaïa

The university of spring is the right opportunity for students-researchers to enforce differents process of research and to acquire their own experience of places and objects.

Our perspective is to direct students towards the field of invistigation rich in field material and anthropological objects. Ghardaïa city has this anthropological wealth that allows to develop several questions.

In fact, this space is characterized by an identity affiliation from the local population to a religious fraction (Mozabite). That is known by his merchant culture, their customs and traditions marqued by the Iadism.

The commercial activity is constantly under development and, more and more has created, a social dynamic in various economic bazaars.

Thus, the particularity of this population incites strongly, the researchers to describe some behaviours, directly with the exercise of these communities. Furthermore, the dress style represents either, avery specific fields of investigation, because the local population is distinguished by an outfit symbolizing at the same time.

For our students – researchers, All of these anthropological indicators constitutes a principle source of description and analysis , other field field of investigation, to study other historical and cultural aspects, such as : (the social change and its impact on family structures ; women in public spaces (for example : Le Hammam – The bath)

The treatment of these topics in city of Ghardaïa has a methodological contribution for our students because their contact with social space its permits to develop all questions directly with their topic of research and for use of techniques of research, such as the observation and the practice of dialogue.

  1. The 1 first university of spring (April 2008)
  • The period: Spring 2008: from 19 to 27 April 2008
  • Length of stay: 09 days / 08 nights
  • Number of students:

West pole: 14 students + 02 doctoral students

Pole of Centre: 12 students

East pole: 04 students + 03 doctoral students

  • Supervisions:

West pole : Pr. Saïdi Mohammed (University of Tlemcen)/ Dr, Sikouk Khouider (University of Mostaganem) / Dr. Moulay Hadj Mourad ( University of Oran)

Pole of Centre : Dr. Kinzi Azzedine (University of Tizi Ouzou)/ Dr. Ould Fellah (University of Bejaia)

East pole: Dr. Adel Khadidja, Dr. Tengour Ouanassa (University of Constantine)

Invited by: Pr. Nadir Marouf (Unievrsity of Jules Verne – Paris)

  • Departure by site:

The trip to Ghardaïa was by plane. The Partner universities of doctoral school of anthropology took charge students enrolled at their institution. The Centre of Research in Social and Cultural Anthropology has contributed in the purchase of tickets for doctoral students, as well as the hosting and catering of participants…

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