- Translation of the book: "Algeria 50 Years Later: State of Knowledge in Social and Human Sciences 1954-2004"

From 01/07/2018

To     30/06/2021

Project supervisor : ZAOUI Abderrahmane


Team members :

ABDI Leila

AGUIS Keltouma


HABRI Fatma Zohra



Translation is being necessary  in this era of globalization, In view of  its pioneering role in the transfer of science,  knowledge and cultures and the advancement of nations and peoples.

At the time when the translation in Algeria is a predicament, because of the dispersion of efforts and individual work in this field, we suggest the translation of the book "Algeria after 50 years: the connection of knowledge in the social and human sciences 1954-2004" under the supervision of Nouria Ben Ghabrit and Mustafa Hadab , CRASC’s    publications  in 2008.

The translation will be from French to Arabic, as this book is an important reference for students of social and human sciences, who  study most of modules  in these two divisions at the university in Arabic. The goal of this project is to provide this  book  who encompasses  all which concern he sociological and human sciences  in Arabic language in the aim of overcoming  the shortage and fill the urgent need for this reference.




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