Dictionary of the past of Algeria. From Prehistory to 1962

From 01/01/2018

To     31/12/2020

Project supervisor : MOULOUDJI Soraya


Team members :




 SEHABA Kheira


The importance of translation relies on the importance of the translated subject. On the basis of this point, we have chosen to translate this dictionary because of the importance of its scientific and academic material. This dictionary deals with the history of Algeria through the different historical eras from pre-history to 1962. It is targeted for researchers, university students and the wide audience who is interested in the subject. The dictionary has been completed within the second National Programme of Research (2011-2013) , related to the research field: “Population And Society”, by a research team of permanent and associated researchers from the Centre of Research in Social and Cultural Anthropology and it was an honour to participate in this project. 

The dictionary is composed of 145 articles that are distributed through 600 pages maximum. It presents the most important personalities, places and events that marked the mentioned periods (from pre-history to 1962).

The translation of this historical reference will make it accessible to Algerian students and researchers and those interested in the history of Algeria, especially within the context of arabisation of social and human sciences in Algeria including history. We have noticed that the audience, with its differentiations, is asking for the translation of this dictionary into Arabic.

In addition, this project aims at answering the need for scientific references written in Arabic, especially dictionaries and encyclopaedias covering the history of Algeria.  

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