Unit of Research on Translation and Terminology URTT


The Unit of Research on Translation and Terminology is responsible for:

1  Translating national cultural, scientific and technical production (Arabic, French and Tamazight) into other foreign languages.

2  Translating fundamental academic books and texts into Arabic.

3  Filling the deficit in terms of knowledge acquisition, in particular academic and Arabic.

4  Researching on translation and terminology .

5  Translating specialized books.

6  Translating of books published in Algeria.

7  Setting up a database accessible to (Students, Researchers and Teachers), and create thematic information networks..

8  Constituting a specialized documentary fund accessible to researchers and specialists.

9  Publishing the research unit reviews.

Research Divisions :

1  The "Theory and Practices" Research Division

2  The research division "Terminology and Technical Translation"

Unit Director

(p.i.) AGUIS Keltouma

Division Secretariat

Adresse :

Cité Bahi Amar, Bloc A, N°1 Es-Sénia


+213 (0) 41-58-32-84

Research projects:

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