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Internal rules

This Regulation is brought to the attention of users by posting. A copy can be requested from reception.

Borrowing documents

  • The registered user is authorized to borrow up to three documents for a period of 21 days.
  • Borrowing can be extended for a period of one week.
  • The periodicals (in display and in store) and the usual documents are excluded from borrowing.
  • Any document that is not returned after the borrowing period will result in action by the Center.

Users’ obligations

The CISD is placed under the responsibility of users who are expected to have a responsible and collegial attitude so that everyone can have at any time documents and materials in perfect condition.

Respect for people and places:

It is forbidden:

  • To drink, eat and smoke inside the CISD
  • To enter without permission into areas reserved for CISD staff.
  • For the respect and well-being of all, silence is the rule at the CISD and everyone is invited to disconnect or put his cell phone in silent mode.


Respect for documents and equipment:

  • Users are required to take care of the documents. It is strictly forbidden to cut pages, annotate or highlight passages.
  • The user is also responsible for the deterioration of the documents borrowed in his name.
  • Users must take care of furniture and computer equipment and ensure that the place is kept clean.
  • Chatting or playing games online are prohibited, as well as making digital copies and illegal downloads.

Research Units

- UCCLLA  : Cité Bahi Amar, Bloc A, N°1 Es-Sénia BP 1955 -El M'naouer 31000 Oran, Algerie. Tél / Fax : +213 (0) / E-mail : ucclla @ crasc.dz

- URTT : Cité Bahi Amar, Bloc A, N°1 Es-Sénia BP 1955 -El M'naouer 31000 Oran, Algerie. Tél / Fax : +213 (0) / E-mail : urtt @ crasc.dz

- RASYD : Université de Blida 2, El Afroun, Algerie / E-mail : rasyd @ crasc.dz

- TES : Faculté des Arts et de la culture, Université de constatine 3 constantine, Algerie. E-mail : tes @ crasc.dz

Contact Details

+213 41 62 06 95
+213 41 62 07 03
     +213 41 62 07 05
     +213 41 62 07 11

 +213 41 62 06 98

contact @ crasc.dz

C.R.A.S.C. B.P. 1955 El-M'Naouer Technopôle de l'USTO Bir El Djir 31000 Oran