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    External Relations and Valorisation of Research Results

Head of department : Mme FAHAS Sabrina:
External Relations Service :
Valorisation of Research Results Service :
Documentation and Systems of Scientific and Technical Information Service


    Monitoring Research and Formation Through Research in Social and Cultural Anthropology

Head of department : M. ARABI Mehdi :
Monitoring Research Service :

Formation Through Research Service


    Production in Social and Cultural Anthropology

Head of department : Mme : BENHENDA Samia
Journals Service :
Insaniyat :
Africa Review of Books :
Ethnographic Books and Archives Service :


    Research Divisions

   History and Memory : 
   Cities and Territories :
   Education and Training :
   Imaginary and Signification :


    Research Units

    Unit of Research on Culture, Communication, Languages, Letters and Arts (UCCLLA) :  
    Unit of Research on Translation and Terminology (URTT) :
    Unit of Research on Denomination Systems in Algeria (RASYD) :
    Unit of Research on Emergent Territories and Society (TES) :


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