The city of Oran and the challenge of daily mobility

From 01/01/2018

To     31/12/2020

Project supervisor : BACHIRI Hamza

Team members :

TRIKI Nassima



Cities now represent a magnet for the population thanks to the means they provide at all levels. In the cities of Algeria, like large cities that aim to be metropolises such as the city of Oran, transport in general and urban transport in particular is an essential and effective component in The functioning of the city. It represents the backbone of the modern city. In the projection of our project, we do not aim at the study of public transport, but rather its role in the public space as a space for interaction between the various actors, whether inside the means of transport or at the stations. The development of this sector must take into consideration parameters for better management, planning and a perfect integration into the urban fabric: the social, economic, health and spatial aspects, and its availability throughout the city. It must also take into account the response rate of the transport system in the city of Oran to all the needs of citizens: what are the needs for which this sector can be made attractive for travelers with the aim of improving traffic and reducing pollution by addressing the study of behaviors that are contrary to the urban character of city dwellers, hoping to attract tourists and expand urban public services and guarantee quality for the traveler.

Research Units

- UCCLLA  : Cité Bahi Amar, Bloc A, N°1 Es-Sénia BP 1955 -El M'naouer 31000 Oran, Algerie. Tél / Fax : +213 (0) / E-mail : ucclla @

- URTT : Cité Bahi Amar, Bloc A, N°1 Es-Sénia BP 1955 -El M'naouer 31000 Oran, Algerie. Tél / Fax : +213 (0) / E-mail : urtt @

- RASYD : Université de Blida 2, El Afroun, Algerie / E-mail : rasyd @

- TES : Faculté des Arts et de la culture, Université de constatine 3 constantine, Algerie. E-mail : tes @

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