The aim of the D.A.S is to train Bachelor students’ degree holders in social sciences. The eligible students must have a BA in one of the following domains: Sociology, Psychology, Demography, or Amazigh Language and Culture.

The first level (MA) focus is to introduce the students to the domain of Anthropology. This procedure is done by constraining lectures on the understanding and mastery of the great evolution, the great fields, and the main tools of this discipline. In addition to this, attention is paid on current issues such as: modernization of societies and globalization. All this must take to apply this knowledge on non-western societies.

In this respect and through a targeted teaching the convergence between Sociology and Anthropology must be highlighted. Immigrant researchers know very well that this cross-view of the two disciplines is of high profit. This is due to the state of the societies in which modernity – globalization (Sociology) – combines with  endogenous springs that still in operation (anthropology).

The needed Anthropologist profile should in no way be identical to the still existing ones. Since it is possible to practice a new anthropology that doesn’t deny the basics of the discipline and at the same time take the local reality into consideration. Comparison is part of Anthropology, for this the teaching must varied to cover different areas such as, at least, Northwest Africa “Maghreb”, Africa and the Arab world. Thus the hub is to offer a high quality training. In addition to this, it is necessary to provide the students with solid  methodological background to be applied in Anthropology and Sociology.

Doctoral Anthropological School allowed:

Doctoral Anthropological School streams:

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